Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Management System

At Radiansys Inc., ensuring client satisfaction happens to be the ultimate goal of all our activities. We understand that while our claims and past track record might convince the clients about our prowess, the eventual satisfaction would boil down to the quality standards that we maintain for their projects. Therefore, our focus on quality has to be incessant so that it leaves no room for complacency. Because of such emphasis of ours on achieving delivery excellence, we have conceived and put in place a well documented, comprehensive and scalable Quality Management System (QMS). This system is the messiah of our company’s deliverables and each member of the organization is expected to be well versed with it.


At the time of recruiting our IT consultants, we are highly meticulous and follow a stringent process to make sure that only the best eventually make it to the organization. There are several layers of vetting process through which each candidate has to pass to finally be a part of our impregnable team. These layers include phone interviews, assessment tests, face-to-face interviews and other background checks. By this virtue, we have ensured that most people, who are on our rolls, hold degrees in relevant fields (including engineering and computer science) and have the desired finesse. Moreover, a majority of our IT consultants also boast of rich experience in the sphere of IT solutions. What more? We are also associated with many reputed Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partners to augment our team and add candidates with the desired skills more swiftly.


The world around us is highly competitive. Hence, it is essential to attest an element of standardization to one’s deliverables to survive, especially in the Service industry. Such standardization could be achieved by valuing talent and retaining it over a course of time. For us, at Radiansys, our team is a part of a large family which works towards a common goal. Such close bonding of the team paves the way for a long term association. Moreover, we have also devised a set of winning strategies that have contributed substantially to the retaining of our top performers.


There are standardized processes that we have established for all rudiments of our operations. Hence, each layer of the operation (and its associated team members) knows exactly what it is supposed to do. Moreover, there are quantifiable quality grades associated with such performance which persuade all associated individuals to be on their toes all the time.

Client Delivery

The primary goal of Radiansys Inc. is to generate maximum value for the clients. As one might have gauged already, we are sincerely concerned about the quality that is offered by our company. Eventually, our core focus is on ensuring that our customers are satisfied with superior and reliable products and services.

Client Support

Our existing and prospective clients might, from time to time, require support. This might be with regards to a confusion that they may have or other support that they might require. Hence, with the objective of serving our customers superlatively, we have chalked out quality processes that need to be followed by the client support team. The process delves around such aspects of our deliverables as timeliness, comprehensiveness & correctness of information, politeness and others.