When your content is spread across different machines and platforms, it doesn’t generate the value that it otherwise can. That is where content management comes into the picture to ensure that the organizations are making the most of their content and garnering valuable insights from the same. Alfresco is an open source platform which can be of value to the enterprises in collating, managing and monitoring their content invincibly. It is the only enterprise content management solution that can be hosted on the cloud, on-premise or both. Hence, it is flexible and that lends a multitude of options to the enterprises adopting it. With over 7 million users, 4 billion managed documents and 3000 enterprises making use of it in 180 countries, there are few apprehensions about its effectiveness.

Give your content management an edge

One should dexterously choose between the various available versions of Alfresco. While the freely accessible version has most of the necessary functionalities, the commercial editions of the same offer advanced options that might have to be availed for complex content management requirements. Alongside, extensive strategic planning is also recommended to make complete use of the power & functionalities of the solution.

Standing out with RADIANSYS

Radiansys happens to be a leading provider of Alfresco based content management consulting. We sternly believe in the fact any solution performs at its zenith when it’s leveraged precisely and that is what we do with Alfreso. The system’s power of content, collaboration & social community is leveraged most effectively, at Radiansys, to deliver towering performance standards.

The consultants that we have on our rolls have competence in implementing and optimizing Alfresco for various requirements, right from management of documents and records to collaboration and web content management. They carefully stitch together a plan of action which is made, keeping the requirements of the final user in mind. In other words, all our Alfresco solutions are uniquely tailored and hence stand out.