Integrate all of your applications

Our team can connect your cloud and on-premise applications. From Salesforce to Netsuite, and Workday to Microsoft Active Directory, we can help them work together.

Our Dell Boomi Services Include

Application Integration

Boomi’s cloud solution allows the integration of any and all of your business applications. We:

  • Work with Boomi’s 150+ connectors to integrate on-premise and cloud applications, from CRM and ERP systems to social media channels, and business applications to web services

Dell Boomi Consulting

With such a big project ahead, a detailed plan will help ensure a well-developed multi-layered system. We:

  • Analyze existing practices and systems, then recommend courses of action
  • Help find efficiencies, reduce redundancies, and kick projects into high gear
  • Create prototypes and proofs of concept for pre-implementation testing

Master Data Management

One of Boomi’s top benefits is its ability to allow users to cleanse & enrich data using Master Data Hub across multiple business systems.

  • Develop custom integration flows for multi-layer architecture projects
  • Manage and continually improve systems based on newly integrated programs

Boomi Mediate

With Boomi API Management, customer can deliver secure and scalable real-time interactions on cloud-based platform to centrally manage and enrich API interactions. We:

  • Design, create and publish any endpoint as an API.
  • Deploy APIs anywhere, on-premises, in the cloud or gateway devices.
  • Manage and control APIs to Accelerate your business.
Boomi flow

Boomi Flow

Boomi flow helps customer automate simple and sophisticated workflows extend their application and data integration capabilities to IoT, mobile and web apps. We:

  • Design business workflows with page layouts, rules, conditional logic and permissions.
  • Build and deploy sophisticated business workflows.
  • Automate business functions and approvals with business stakeholders and cross-organizational teams.

Dell Boomi Support Services

Even the most streamlined integrated systems need the occasional update. To keep your ecosystem running smoothly, we:

  • Offer ongoing support, either on a long-term or one-off basis
  • Provide continual guidance and updates



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