Rockout loud



Technologies Used

Front End - HTML5, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS

Backend - PHP, Laravel

Video Conferencing Software - Jitsi

Database Management - Firebase, MySql, Node.js

Mobile Application - React Native

Payment Gateway - Stripe

Subscription Module - Stripe

Wireframes - Adobe XD

Rock Out Loud- Adding a different note to the world of music

Rock Out Loud is a revolutionary music learning platform that aims to modernize music lessons delivery. We helped the client realize this goal with the best technologies and valuable expertise.

Our Association With Rock Out Loud

Even before the pandemic changed realities, virtual learning has been a growing hit. Rock Out Loud came about as the first-ever virtual music learning platform with special focus on interaction-based real-time learning. It is the place for students, music teachers, and music schools to realize their individual goals. Through a highly secure channel, Rock Out Loud facilitates real-time music sheet sharing, lesson downloading, and access to a library of basic chords.

To realize the revolutionary idea Rock Out Loud is, the client needed a robust web-based platform. Radiansys was deployed with the task of developing a major portion of Rock Out Loud’s web foundation. It included:

  • A Virtual Video Learning Platform for facilitating effective audio-visual learning for the students
  • Individual Teaching Platform for music teachers
  • Music School Learning Platform for established music schools
  • Mobile Application only for students’ access
  • Admin Panel for a comprehensive and effective end to end management

Key Milestones of the Project

The project had the following major requirements and we met them efficiently with dedicated technology usage and appropriate management.

Virtual Video learning platform

The major focus was to develop a robust video conferencing platform to allow effective lesson delivery to students for all music equipment. We used the software Jitsi for developing various other tools like the Whiteboard which would allow real-time note sharing. Students could see the keys, musical notes, etc. on their screen alongside audio lessons. Jitsi also allowed customizations of the platform by the client as and when required too. We used the Firebase DMS for real-time database management on the video conferencing platform.

An integrated log-in platform for teachers

We built an exclusive platform for the music teachers where they could log in to their account, add/modify details, check active subscriptions, see lesson room details, and much more. It had a simple and easily navigable UI. The Adobe XD software was used to create the wireframes. After the successful implementation of the UI, we went ahead with the conversion. For frontend implementation, technologies like HTML5, Bootstrap, and Tailwind CSS while for backend implementation, frameworks like PHP and Laravel were used. MySQL DMS was used for maintaining the account database on this platform.

Admin panel

This platform was exclusively meant for the admin for administration and management purposes. The admin could check details like total users, total subscribers, finances, etc. on the dashboard and navigate through other options. We used various functionalities for this platform including Grid, Search, and Export users.

An exclusive feature added later was Book a Demo. The idea was to help potential users book a demo for a live class and get a better understanding. We used the software Calendly for a hassle-free demo class scheduling experience.

An integrated log-in platform for music schools

We went on to build a dedicated login portal on Rock Out Loud for different music schools. The manager or admin of any particular music school can manage every activity here. This included adding the respective teachers, managing their account/subscriptions, managing lesson folders, and adding notes. We used the same technology stack as for the teacher login platform for basic structuring.

Mobile application for students

This was the game-changing part of the project where the requirements of students were catered to. Students could only login into the web platform through email invites for attending classes . An exclusive mobile application was thereby built where students can create their login accounts and manage their day-to-day activities. We used React Native technology for building the Rock Out Loud mobile application.

Project management

Task management was carried out through Jira software for agile projects and issue tracking. Slack was used for effective and collaborative team communications. We used Asana along with Jira for testing and issue reporting. We also kept sharing the progress and module development with the client weekly for effective management.

Major Challenges

The development of a stable music learning platform for lesson delivery wasn`t as easy. We had to facilitate smooth exchange and presentation of bulky audio-visual information. The integration of Jitsi allowed us to remove all the possible issues through its customization capabilities.

Database management was another major challenge. We were able to handle it better through the use of Firebase software to allow real-time database updation. However, the Firebase DMS came with data security issues. Thus, we are replacing it with the Node.js Circle API for improved and securer functioning.

The huge popularity of Rock Out Loud meant overflowing subscriptions on the platform. We implemented the custom architecture Stripe payment model for redressal of this issue. This solved the issue of subscription data management for student, teacher, and music school subscription and membership plans data

Final Results

We delivered our best to the opportunity Rock Out Loud brought to us. Our satisfaction and feeling of success lay in the growth the platform registered in no time. People could trust the potential of the platform by looking at its strong yet simple interface. Here is how Rock Out Loud outshone:

  • Registration by 5000 music teachers and counting
  • Over 3500 subscription plans purchased
  • More than 100 music schools came overboard

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